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In order to increase economic efficiency of any company's activities, such company must first of all minimize its expenses, including the ones associated with the goods warehousing. Leadergate Logistics offers modern solutions to optimize such expenses.

Leadergate Logistics offers services for optimization of warehousing logistics processes, including, among others, the following services:

• freight transportation;
• goods acceptance and processing;
• storing in company warehouses;
• services of the temporary storage warehouse;
• safe storage services;

Along with rendering a wide range of transportation services and considering the clients' needs, Leadergate Logistics has been rapidly developing such area of activity as warehousing services. Warehouse complexes are computerized, equipped with up-to-date special-purpose machinery, and security systems, thanks to which the company can guarantee its clients complete safety of stored cargoes and their prompt processing with observance of all storage rules and regulations.

Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse logistics represents a certain set of actions aimed at effective management of the goods and cargo movement within the warehouse complex. Warehouse logistics allows to solve many problems regarding the goods storage and optimization of related expenses:

• Selection of the goods and cargo traffic management method (construction of own warehouse, direct shipment, using third-party warehouses etc.);
• Selection of the warehouse type based on current classification (by product type, by nature of operations, by design, by type of location and size);
• Calculation of a number of warehouses needed;
• Development of a warehousing system and its maintenance;
• Warehouse staff work management;
• Development of a production operations execution plan for each warehouse section;
• Technological layout of a warehouse and technological infrastructure thereof;
• Standardization and optimization of production processes.

Warehouse logistics means means rendering a wide range of consulting services that allow to reduce the risk of overproduction and stock overflow, to exclude excess labor costs for cargo processing, and to nullify transportation cost overrun. Thus, using the tools of warehouse logistics can help increase the business efficiency.

Leadergate Logistics will perform evaluation and selection of the warehouse logistics elements, and will design a warehousing system according to the clients' interests. These activities are performed using special-purpose computer programs, therefore excluding any errors and allowing to select the most reliable option. Such newly created systems of the warehouse logistics allow to optimize storage facilities, increase cargo traffic turnover, and select the best storage method.

Temporary and Safe Storage Services

Storage of the goods that are still under customs control is called temporary storage. Goods and vehicles are considered temporarily stored from the moment of submission to the customs authority.
Temporary storage warehouse is a custom-built site or room designed for storage of the goods under customs control.

Leadergate Logistics is a founder of a temporary storage warehouse and has a special license issued by the customs authority.


Safe storage warehouse is equipped with loading and unloading transport that is able to handle all types of cargo. The warehouses are kept in compliance with sanitary, hygienic, and technical standards that ensure safety of all types of goods.


The following activities are performed as a part of temporary and safe storage services:

• loading and unloading operations;
• cargo sorting;
• marking and packing;
• formation of cargo consignments;
• allocation in accordance with classification and storage conditions;
• goods flow records and reporting;
• preparation of necessary documents.