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Our company considers vehicle shipment as one of the most important types of transportation. A whole park of trailers and pure car carriers handled by qualified drivers, and also special-purpose railroad cars owned by our company will deliver the vehicles purchased by you in UAE for business or personal use, in the best condition and within the shortest terms.

Shipment of Vehicles and Equipment

Delivery of light vehicles and movement of equipment under its own power is one of dynamically developing and popular services provided by Leadergate Logistics. This service is rendered to both legal entities and individuals.

Types of vehicles shipped:

• light vehicles;
• trucks;
• SUV’s;
• pickup trucks;
• off-road vehicles;
• buses.

We also perform delivery of loading equipment by moving under its own power.

Transport for shipment of vehicles

Light vehicles are delivered by:

• special rolling stock (car carriers/self-propelled conveyors);
• railway transport;
• sea transport;
• in containers;
• between EU and CIS countries;
• within EU;
• within CIS;
• from UAE to CIS and EU (for light vehicles).
• best terms for shipping light vehicles;
• additional loading when shipping 1-4 vehicles.

Vehicle shipping steps:

1. Filling out a delivery order.
2. Agreement on delivery cost and terms.
3. Signing a contract (at the beginning of cooperation fax copies would suffice).
4. Filling out a standard transfer order.
5. For individuals – advanced payment transfer. For legal entities deferral of payments can be arranged.
6. Insurance against all risks during transportation.
7. Vehicle delivery.