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The term “oversized cargo transportation” is self-explanatory: shipment of cargoes of heavier weight, with offset center of gravity, or of sizes exceeding the standard. These are the parameters that make shipping process more difficult, and only qualified professionals with special training are able to solve this problem. These professionals develop a custom shipping plan for each case and perform a number of other preparatory steps.

Oversized cargoes include:

- industrial special-purpose machinery and equipment (drilling machines, cranes, excavating machinery, bulldozers etc.);
- structures and parts (beams, large steel and reinforced concrete structures, reservoirs etc.);
- agricultural equipment (harvesters, threshers, tractors);
- construction and road machinery;
- boats, yachts.

During preparation for transportation, specialists select a vehicle best suited for the cargo weight and size, work out the best route, and develop a fastening system to stabilize the cargo for the maneuvers during transportation.
Advantages of cooperation with Leadergate Logistics

Leadergate Logistics will perform the shipment of oversized cargo on a high professional and technological level, and will organize their transshipment and storage. For this purpose the following steps are taken:

• analysis of the cargo to be shipped and legislative requirements for its transportation;
• selecting suitable rolling stock;
• working out a route plan;
• loading/unloading operations;
• developing a diagram of cargo mounting on the transfer platform;
• all necessary paperwork (permits, customs documents etc.);
• arranging escort (pilot cars, security, dispatch, Road Patrol Service);
• engineer supervision and continuous monitoring en route.