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Shipment of groupage cargoes is the most difficult and at the same time one of the most promising directions in modern logistics. Leadergate Logistics does offer groupage services.

Experience accumulated from the moment of the company foundation and to establishment of our own "lines" with consolidation warehouses, has allowed us to create an effective mechanism with clear task sharing and high-quality services. As a matter of convenience, along with FLC shipment we offer our clients an LCL service as well (i.e. transportation of small batches of cargo in containers).

This service can be used when you simply do not need a large batch of goods, or when you need the goods samples for certification, or you do not have warehouses for the goods storage, or some of the goods didn't fit in the previously ordered container and you need to deliver the remainder. Upon departure, the cargoes of different clients are consolidated at a single terminal, where afterwards they are loaded and mounted in the containers.

Afterwards, at the point of destination, all cargo is unloaded from the container at a single terminal. Such delivery is beneficial for the client, as only the actual weight and volume of cargo must be paid for. The whole shipping process is performed without additional charges, which is a substantial advantage for the final consumer at a competitive market.

As a part of groupage services we offer cargo transportation from any country of the world both by road (LCL) and using combined delivery schemes (FLC).

Groupage Transportation by Motor Transport

The main route for groupage transportation by road is delivery from EU countries to CIS through a consolidation warehouse in Lithuania.

When delivering your cargo we perform the following steps:

• we contact the consignor and clarify the details about shipping and receiving the goods, and about their qualitative and quantitative characteristics;
• we solve the matters regarding export processing and customs procedures;
• after the cargo is delivered to the warehouse, we send you the copies of all shipping documents prior to the customs clearance process;
• we use the automatic notification system that sends text messages to the client's e-mail, with updates on the cargo's status, transport information, and estimated delivery time.

Upon actual delivery to the unloading location specified in the order, you will receive a notification and a shipping invoice with breakdown by route - for the customs payments.

Groupage Transportation (LCL) in Intermodal Traffic

If you need to deliver a relatively small cargo — 1 to 30 cubic meters and 100 kg to 10 tons from far-away countries, such as China, Taiwan, USA etc., we will ship it for a price lower than the one you would’ve paid in case of ordering a full container (FLC), by combining it with cargoes moving in the same direction. For these purposes we use both the services of our reliable international partners and our own groupage delivery line. In any case, you are guaranteed a low delivery cost, high-level cargo safety and delivery terms corresponding to a full container delivery.

Advantages of Our Services

• Regular lines and delivery schedule. Having regular "lines" allows our clients to build an organized product supply chain on the Just-in-Time principle.
• Rate system. Thanks to the service rating possibility we can sign long-term rate agreements, which allows our clients to use them in calculation of the goods net cost.
• Innovations and automation. We pay great attention to the process automation in our work. In order to optimize our interaction with the clients we have developed and implemented the following:

o rate calculator that helps any visitor of our website to calculate the rate for delivering the groupage cargo by road;
o online delivery order placing system;
o automatic notification system that will keep you updated on the main events during shipment.

We build our business on the principles of partnership. We see ourselves as a part of our clients' business, that is why we daily use our efforts on improving already available services and on developing new ones. We wish for our cooperation to create wider prospects and new competitive advantages for our partners.

To get rates for the groupage delivery you can send a rate request on our website or contact one of Leadergate Logistics offices.