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Motor freight transportation today is one of the most in-demand and affordable types of freight services. Convenient and ever-growing road network allows performing freight transportation by road in almost any direction within the continent. This is why the popularity of this service is growing each year.

International motor freight transportation guarantees the following:

• shipment cost effectiveness;
• tight schedule of loading and unloading activities;
• cargo safety guarantee;
• cargo delivery at a time and place convenient for the consignee;
• cargo transportation using the best route;
• flexibility in shipment planning;

Nowadays motor freight transportation is an integral part of production process for any company, so they must be confident in their carrier. Such confidence exists only when the shipping and logistics company is highly professional and has made a good name for itself by diligent cooperation with its clients.

Leadergate Logistics – convenient shipment worldwide!

Over the years of successful activities in the field of shipping logistics, Leadergate Logistics has managed to prove itself as a reliable partner, who can be trusted with delivery of any cargo anywhere. Door-to-door motor freight transportation is particularly popular among our clients, as it is one of the fastest and most effective ways of cargo shipment within a continent.

International motor freight transportation represents approximately 27% of all cargoes shipped.

This is due to advantages of this type over others:

• Convenience – any cargo can be delivered "door to door".
• Tight schedule – an individual route is worked out for each order, which allows delivering cargo to its destination as fast as possible.
• Big possibilities – motor transportation allows to ship and combine different types of cargo.

Over this period we’ve successfully implemented thousands of projects having shipped cargoes to various locations throughout the world. We constantly achieve good results thanks to our wide experience, first-class specialists, and result orientation.
We value every detail in shipping your goods!

We have an absolute control of our international freight transportation, ensuring that we always have all necessary information for the fastest reaction to a changing situation.

Coordination of our actions always guarantees prompt delivery!

Leadergate Logistics Philosophy

• Constant development and professional growth;
• Timely cargo delivery;
• Client's interests are our top priority.

Leadergate Logistics performs shipment of any types of cargo, including dangerous (ADR) cargoes that require special temperature setting during transportation, and oversized cargoes.
By trusting us with your cargoes, please be assured that they are in good hands.

We will deliver your cargo to any designated point of destination as fast as possible and at minimum cost.