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Container Transport

A shipping container is a reusable standardized packaging for shipping different types of cargo by sea, air, railway and motor transport. International organization ISO has set a number of generally accepted regulations and standards for containers production.

According to them, this type packaging is characterized by a uniform arrangement of the fastening elements and has heavy restrictions regarding container size. Because of the containers' universality, their use in cargo transportation has become widespread. Obligatory standardization allows using the containers with any other means of transport.

Leadergate Logistics has a ten-year experience of successful sale of the wide range of services in the field of container shipping carried out on the basis of several industry solutions. Thanks to many advantages of the containers we are committed to rapidly develop our activity in many directions by offering our clients a possibility of container shipping around the world.

International Container Shipping Services Leadergate Logistics offers a variety of services when shipping general cargoes. These services include:

• Arrangement of loading and unloading;
• Consolidation of the goods batches with their further delivery to a designated place;
• Cargo insurance;
• Customs clearance of the cargoes;
• Arrangement of the goods safe storage in A and B class warehouses.

Along with the abovementioned, our obligations also include proper filling out of all necessary transport documents and working out the best route for the client's cargo transportation.

Usually, several types of transport are used for international container shipping, which is why this type of shipping is often called multimodal. Selecting transport with round-the-clock monitoring of the approved traffic plan fulfillment is also a responsibility of our experts.