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"LeadergateLogistics" - is a global level company,  engaged in the delivery of goods to Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia from Turkey, China, UAE for many years.

The usage of different types of transport
We guarantee our clients prompt delivery of any product to your destination. To perform the tasks in time, our company uses different types of transport: trucks, rail, air and sea. Employees of Leadergate Logistics in the shortest terms organize transportation of of bulk and consolidated cargoes, prepare all the necessary documents for transportation.


With us you will be able to move from one country to another a variety of vehicles:

 • cars and trucks;

 • buses;

 • pick-ups, etc.


Established rail transportation


Its activities Leadergate Logistics started with automobile cargo transportation. With the time, we have strengthened connections in the major rail and marine loading and unloading areas of Europe and Asia. Making sure that the rail transportation is in great demand, we have been actively working in this direction. In particular, we have put into operation different types of containers which are intended for the transport of tens of kinds of cargo.


Experienced logistics specialists

We employ qualified professionals who know the transport logistics. They plan transport routes so as to avoid delay and to fulfill orders within a predetermined timeframe. These capabilities are especially important in the organization of container and sea transportation, because they allow significantly reduce the time of delivery and cost..


We can select for you an optimal type of cargo delivery and transport it safely. In addition to cargo transportation, Leadergate Logistics provides its customers the warehouses for temporary storage of transported goods. And we are responsible for their safety, so that you will not have to worry about anything.

Our advantages

Employees of the Leadergate Logistics properly accept criticism, because it pushes them to self-improvement and to amendments in the work. We respect the customers, and do everything to please them and deserve a positive feedback. 

Leadergate Logistics can impress with:

• High-speed of processing of applications;

• presence of a large fleet of railway sections and trailers;

• good connections with partners in Asia, CIS and Europe.

Entrust cargo transportation to qualified specialists! We will save you from a lot of troubles and simplify business dealing.